Right Housing is one of the lead in real estate and has real estate listings for homes for sale in regions in and around Chennai.Providing our clients with professional, friendly, helpful and timely service and respecting the rights and dignity of all clients.Meeting the requirements and complying to the state legislation relating to Real Estate Industry practice.

Responding to all enquiries efficiently while providing accurate knowledge and advice based on researched market information and our extensive knowledge of the industry and market. Maintaining an informative website that is easy to navigate while providing up to date and accurate information for all users. Always respecting the privacy and rights of all clients while complying with the standards documented in the Privacy Act when it comes to handling any personal details and information.

Why to choose Right Housing

Our company has reached stability and prosperity in past 5 years by following vigorously its Principles and Goals. We have developed various Construction plots, offering the Clients complete solutions. We are dedicated to ensure the success of the projects.
It’s top of our list for a reason. A high proportion of our new clients come from referrals from our existing clients, and some businesses have been with us since we were first established over 5 years ago
We are independent and not governed by a large corporate entity, which means we can get much closer to our clients, building strong relationships and responding quickly to their individual needs.
The owners are active investors themselves and so they practice and speak from personal experience. Having a heavy background in housing construction, residential lease marketing and ongoing educational learning, we can offer the best service to you.
We use specialized Pre-Marketing methods to lease out you property. Even if work is being done on your home, we can still premarket it to reduce vacancy time when it’s ready. We also follow unique highly effective rental qualification guidelines to get the best overall resident for you place. This gives us a bigger marketing exposure to good applicants/renters that that may not fall within other rigid property management guidelines.

Values of Right Housing

Customer Satisfaction
Pride In Homeownership
Matches Your Lifestyle